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Just picture this …….

Turn off your lights with a voice command.

Connect your phone to your front door camera.

Change TV channels without touching the remote.

Open a refrigerator that advises what you should eat to keep healthy.

Own an AC that turns ON and OFF as and when someone comes in or leaves your house.

Receive an alert message from your watch, when your elderly parents feel sick and need urgent help, wherever you are.

And the list goes on …………..


Am i being too Futuristic ?

No, certainly NOT !

This is reality in today’s Smart India and is what we call the realm of Smart Home Automation Devices.

Just imagine how much value -add these devices provide.

Still Thinking ?

Let’s explain this to you.

A Smart Home is a house that is created through the use of technology that is “INTELLIGENT“.

And that’s not the typical software that we are always worried about.

It’s technology that streamlines and automates everyday routines including flipping the lights on, locking the windows, lowering the blinds, to changing the thermostat settings.

So refusing the appeal of a completely driven, smart home will be a fairly foolish decision.

This may sound like the perfect bed of flowers, of course.

That does not, however underestimate the variety they bring to the table from improved access management, to helping you reduce needless expenses by bringing down all those sky-high bills.

So, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had 24×7 access to these latest Smart Home Automation devices available in the market at discounted prices ? 

Sounds terrific, isn’t it?

You’re lucky! You’ve now arrived at the right place!

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But Why Do You Need A Smart Home Device ?

Technology is evolving.

But have you too?

Transforming to a Smart Home has now become a necessity ……….

From the past, Smart Homes have been considered part of a luxury lifestyle but have become an integral part of our lives today.

Smart Home technology has created overwhelming amount of market demand.

World’s leading tech firms and innovators have entered a race to outdo each other in this space!

This means we are continually creating bigger, improved smart home tech to suit our emerging needs and the industry is on a tremendous upward trajectory.

It’s Fun Stuff!

What home automation will do for you is surely worth seeing for yourself.

Smart Home Automation Devices are here to STAY!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to update your house, or what smart home technology can do for you, your family, or your company, please feel free to Contact Us

Let’s now take a look as to why you should install a Smart Home device as soon as possible in your home.



You can monitor these smart devices or structures using one touch button or a cell phone device. You’d be able to control your heating and cooling with the aid of a smart app, as well as switch on and shut off lights from anywhere in your home with a simple button. Not only is this an effective process, it can also allow you to conserve energy.


Using a Smart Home helps you to navigate other technological devices and applications from all over the house or from all over the country. Pull the curtains, switch the lights on and track health. The smart home features mentioned are adequate to convince a individual to make their homes smart too.


Smart Homes make your life comfortable. If you need to conduct different tasks, you don’t have to walk around the Property. For smart appliances, you will use software to conduct all household operations either lying comfortably on the couch or in bed.

Peace of Mind

Often, a Smart Home is a perfect way to offer peace of mind. You can use the mobile app to test the doors, windows, water leak sensors , temperature controls etc. In fact, you can even verify if your garage door is properly closed with an email. You don’t have to think about check-outs.


Smart Homes often require you to get electronic stuff just the way you want it. During a specified moment, you may have the curtains drawn automatically, change the brightness of both indoor and outdoor lighting according to your preference. Similarly, as per your will, you can configure any single electronic element and, additionally, you can even set timings for specific choices to execute.


Petty crimes are really popular now and everyone needs to keep their homes safer in this period. Smart homes can make your home safe as well as encourage you to track the protection very easily from your smartphones.

Save Utility Bills

The planet is becoming day by day costly and people are really worried with their energy bills. Smart home means you’re saving energy and raising your costs on gas and heating. It’s also found the lamps linger on regardless of the laziness of getting up and shutting them off. A smart home lets you switch off lighting and other technological things even though you’re in bed and asleep. This will save you some of your hard earned money.

Life Saving
Home Alarms

Fire and burglary are only a few incidents that might annihilate the house or destroy friends and family lives. Smart home apps will render you aware of these incidents by alerts and alarms that can be enough to save your life. You can also keep track of your elderly parents back at home.

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Your Questions & Our Answers

All the typical questions our most potential customers would ask!

A smart home automation system is a technological solution that allows the majority of mechanical, electrical and technology-based activities to be completed within a household. This uses a combination of hardware and software technologies that allow control and management of appliances and devices within a household.

Home automation is a network of hardware, connectivity, and computer interfaces that operate through the Internet to connect everyday devices. -computer is fitted with sensors and connects via WiFi, allowing you to access them from your smartphone or tablet, whether you are at home or miles away

As the name suggests, a smart device is an electronic gadget capable of connecting, sharing and interacting with its user and other intelligent devices. While generally small in size, normally smart devices have a few gigabytes of computing power

India is presently witnessing a digital boom and this trend is well likely to grow upwards in 2020 and beyond. This digital boom has fueled a new industry which is the buzzword all over India nowadays. The Smart Home Automation Market industry in India in 2020 which is expected to be valued over INR 300 million.

1. Automatic door locks
2. Smart Security cameras
3. Automatic blinds
4. Automatic heating and cooling
5. Automatic lights and many more !

The Internet of Things (IoT) devices are defined as anything that has a sensor connected to it and can transmit data from one device to another or to humans with the help of the internet. IoT systems include portable cameras, computing computers, applications, and actuators. They are attached to a specific object that operates on the Internet, enabling data transfer between objects or individuals automatically.

Typically the IoT device will transmit data over the global Internet. Commercial IoT, where either Bluetooth or Ethernet (wired or wireless) is typically the local communication. The IoT device typically will only communicate with local devices.

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